Adhoc.Support FAQ


Adhoc.Support is an innovative consumer advocacy community platform that helps consumers collectively resolve complaints and take action against companies.
Adhoc.Support collects consumer complaints, uses technology like AI to identify patterns, connects similar cases, provides expert analysis, and fosters a community for collective consumer action.
Adhoc.Support helps consumers resolve complaints of all types - product defects, false advertising, billing disputes, customer service issues, etc. If you have an unresolved consumer complaint, Adhoc.Support can help.
Adhoc.Support was created to empower consumers who often feel alone when making complaints against big companies. By joining together in a community, consumers can advocate more effectively.
Adhoc.Support is the first platform enabling collective consumer advocacy on a global scale. Our use of technology and community power is innovative in the consumer rights space.
Joining is easy - just visit our website, create an account, and pay a small annual membership fee to help cover our operating costs. Then you can start submitting complaints.
Membership is $10/year. There are no hidden fees or recurring charges - just a simple, straightforward membership model.
You gain access to community support, expert guidance, shared knowledge and experiences, advanced complaint tracking tools, and the ability to join together with other consumers for more impact.
Absolutely. Adhoc.Support takes data privacy and security extremely seriously. Your data is encrypted and protected under the latest security protocols.
Yes, you can leave anytime by simply requesting account deletion. We'll promptly and permanently delete your account and data in line with our privacy policy.
Submitting a complaint is easy - just log in to your account, enter the details, and our experts will take it from there. We also offer support if you need help.
Any consumer complaint - issues with defective products, false advertising, billing problems, bad customer service, etc. If you have a complaint, we can help.
Our experts analyze and connect your complaint with similar cases. We'll keep you updated on the status and provide guidance and support throughout the resolution process.
We identify patterns and trends, leverage our community power, provide expert support, negotiate on your behalf, and take appropriate actions like legal measures if required.
Every case is unique, but our advanced technology allows us to expedite the process significantly compared to individuals acting alone. We strive for swift and satisfactory resolutions.
The community is made up of consumers from around the world who join together to advocate for their collective rights and interests against companies.
The shared power of thousands of voices leads to more impact than any one individual. You’ll also gain access to knowledge and tools to strengthen your case.
We provide community news feeds, forums, updates on ongoing cases, alerts on new complaints, and more to keep consumers informed and engaged.
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